General FAQ


Q:  I'm interested in your services, what do I do?

A: Contact us at the e-mail address above.  E-mail is preferred and the best way to reach us. We will gather some information about your home and either give a ballpark estimate or make plans to come by and take a look to give an exact price. We will walk around the outside of the house and email a quote to you. You do not have to be home for the estimate.  Please note that scheduling specific times to meet for free estimates may be tricky during peak periods as we have a small staff and we must prioritize our time for our scheduled jobs.  If you schedule a job with us the same priority will be given to you. 

Q: What time will you be here?

A: Our first job of the day is scheduled to start between 9 and 9:30 am.  For appointments later in the day we will provide a two hour window and our arrival time will be within that window. Our focus is to make sure that when we arrive at your home we have all the necessary equipment, cleaning solutions, fuel, and manpower we need to complete your job thoroughly and efficiently. We are always shooting for a prompt start , but making necessary preparations may hold us up from time to time.   We will not rush through our work when we are on a job in order to get to another job at a specific time.  The two hour window of arrival for appointments later in the day allows us the flexibility to best serve our customers.  Rigid time constraints often take the focus away from doing a thorough, mindful job.  

"A wizard is never late, nor he is early, he arrives precisely when he means to." -Tolkien

Q: I got a much lower quote from another company for the same services. What's the deal?

A:  Our low price competition comes from two types of operations: (1)Large companies with hundreds of underpaid lackeys who do a high volume of low quality work and (2)novice startups who either dodge their legal obligations (taxes, insurance, employment procedures, etc.) or obey them and operate at a loss for a few years before quitting. We are neither type operation. We pay a year round salary to our employees that is a living wage to sustain them and their families.  We keep our legal requirements fulfilled, give our customers all the focus and time their job requires, guarantee the result will be satisfactory,  and price our jobs in order to ensure a positive and sustainable experience for us and our community .

We understand that at the end of the day you just want your home cleaned and money talks, but consider the implications inherent in super low pricing. We've been doing this since 2006 and can tell you a much lower quote is a red flag that someone in the equation of commerce  is not going to get what they need.  It may be the tax man, it may be the very person who performs your job, it may be you. We run an operation where we know our bases are covered and our price reflects that.  

Q: How do payment and billing work?

A:  Payment is due upon completion of the service provided that everything is to the customers satisfaction.  Invoices will be sent by email.  Cash or check are accepted forms of payment. If you are not there to pay when we finish please do so as soon as possible.  We love you but we cannot finance your job.  

Q: What do you do about inclement weather?

A:  Our policy is that we always prefer to work when we can.  If we have to take a twenty minute break in the middle of the job to dodge a quick shower we prefer that to rescheduling a job for a different day. If there are off and on showers in the forecast  we typically keep at it. If the day is going to be a total washout we won't be able to do too much so we will contact you to reschedule.  Extreme cold can be prohibitive as well.  Because forecasts change so quickly we like to hold off making a rescheduling call until the day of the appointment or the day before. If its Monday and rain is scheduled for Friday we would prefer to keep the Friday appointment in its spot until we are more confident its actually going to rain then.  

Q:  Do I need to be home when you are working?

A: If you are comfortable with us being there in your absence then so are we.  Feel free to run errands, work, chase your kids around, etc.  You can leave a key for us to enter and we will lock up when we are done if you cannot be there at all.  There is something novel about leaving  your house and then coming back and its like a secret unseen mythical being came in and totally cleaned the dickens out of it.  

Q:  What do I need to do before you get here.

A:  Don't you lift a finger !  You just sit back and relax while your house gets full Wizard treatment. We can raise your blinds and part your curtains properly, move any furniture or flower pots, take down any window trinkets, clear out and protect items on your screen porch, etc.  Of course if there is something you would rather not have someone else move like an old fragile family heirloom please do move that but otherwise know that we will be careful with your stuff and put it back the way we found it.  Sometimes people make preparations for us that are not necessary and may even be counter productive, so don't sweat it. We consider it part of our job and you are paying for the job so let us take care of it for you. 

Q: How long will my job take?

A:  With few exceptions most jobs can be completed within a day, even if you have a large home and are getting all three services performed. 

Q: Where can I read more about your service or submit a review.

A: We love feedback and want for you to read what others say about us so please check us out on Angies List. You can write a review here:

  Neighborhood email groups and listservs are also a great place to post your experiences and they are our #1 source for new clients. 

All feedback either directly or through these avenues is greatly appreciated.